So What Is Healthy?

What does this term mean around here?

Well, lots of things.

Finding healthy food will be determined in part on where you are in the world, what’s available, what time of year it is, and what the culture is.

Here’s a quick interview I did in New York that shares more about my ideas (see below, too).


I believe it’s more a question of: what does the body need for Optimal Nutrition?

Well, things like…

  • Complete Proteins, containing the Essential Amino Acids (from animal products/foods, certain grains and legumes (combined), and unrefined plant foods)
  • Healthy Fats: unsaturated (from avocado, olives, and nuts), Omega 3’s (from wild-caught fish and flax/hemp/chia seeds)
  • Complex Carbohydrates (from vegetables, legumes and whole grains)


There are definitely some items we want to avoid, minimize, or eliminate from our lives:

  • Simple Carbs (refined flours and sugars—very little nutritional value)
  • Overly Processed Foods (stripped of all their nutrients)
  • Saturated, Trans Fats, and Hydrogenated Fats (can raise total and LDL (bad) cholesterol)
  • Junk/Not-Food (man-made creations)
  • Hormones/Antibiotics (injected into animals and plants)


In the US (and in many modern countries), we have such abundance that we don’t even have to think about eating only seasonally and locally—we have such choices—which brings many quick, easy, and poor choices as well.

We believe that what to eat and health is a personal decision; of course you can gather advice from others, but ultimately, YOU are the only one who knows you best and knows how you feel.

It’s like your car (or your bike)—you’re the one who spends the most time with it, so why would you blindly trust someone to tell you how it’s performing and what it needs?

You can go as deep as you want into your health and eating, by looking at other items like using higher quality oils, organic food, the issues around GMO’s, etc. Sadly, something that used to be so simple has become so complicated that there is an almost endless supply of questions and topics to research.


Even with all the questions and research out there, we’re excited to dive in and help you Travel, Eat, and Thrive!