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Check out this new show Travel. Eat. Thrive. with Nathan Agin—he goes all over the world, finding delicious and nutritious food, and then shows how to make the same meals at home!

What’s the new food show Travel. Eat. Thrive. with Nathan Agin all about? Learn more in this 38-second animated commercial –>

The first episode of Travel. Eat. Thrive. with Nathan Agin was filmed in Los Angeles at LifeFood Organic and SunCafe Organic Cuisine. Looks delicious!




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Modern-Day Nomad Debuting Healthy Food & Travel Show Following Successful Kickstarter Campaign

This work is important!

~ Katharine Kagel, Chef/Owner, Café Pasqual’s, Santa Fe, NM


Hollywood, CA – 3 years ago, an adventurous young man set off to travel the world, and along the way, he wanted to see if he could avoid the overly-processed fast food that has sadly become the norm in our country, and to eat as healthy as possible—regardless of where his nomadic travels would take him.

What he found was so inspiring, so amazing, that he knew he had an obligation to share what he had learned with as many people as possible. And so, a brand new show was born; A show which asks the question:

When you travel, do you know where to go for healthy food?

This new show will help you discover where to eat well when you’re on the road, experience the local cuisine in a healthy way, meet local farmers and chefs, and learn how to easily prepare amazing recipes at home.

The days of being bored and overwhelmed in your kitchen are OVER.

The unfortunate fact is that just about every travel program out there shows you how to go crazy and indulge when you’re in a new place; it’s time for the other side to be revealed!

Whether you’re visiting or are local, discover how easy and delicious it can be to eat healthy!

Welcome to Travel. Eat. Thrive. with Nathan Agin.

Think of it as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution meets Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations; with a little bit of Bear Grylls Man vs. Wild thrown in!

This project was made possible in part by donations through, a crowd-funding platform, where Nathan raised over $10,000 from individuals all over the world so that he could finish the pilot episode. Over 500 people watched the campaign video (, the average donation amount was $97, and the project was funded 40% beyond its initial target goal!

The pilot was filmed in LOS ANGELES at two restaurants featuring raw cuisine: LifeFood Organic and SunCafe Organic Cuisine.

The pilot is ONLINE at

Please Visit the site for Our Exclusive Teaser Trailer & Our YouTube Channel for additional Videos:


FREE DINNERS for Your Readers:

In celebration of the upcoming pilot premiere, several of Nathan’s favorite restaurants from across the country have donated FREE ‘Dinners for Two’ to several lucky followers of the show!

Nathan has visited many places in his 3+ years of traveling and he’s excited to send people to the spots he loves in the following cities: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland (OR), San Francisco, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver (Canada), New Orleans, and Philadelphia.

To enter to win one of the dinners, all that your readers have to do is simply follow Travel. Eat. Thrive. on Twitter (@traveleatthrive) and send us a tweet with the name of their city as a hashtag. For example: “@traveleatthrive I want to win in #NewOrleans”

*All winners will be selected at random and each location reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. Restaurant selection in each city is subject to change. Free Dinner does not include gratuity. Other restrictions may apply.


Most people do try to be healthy when they’re at home, yet find it challenging to maintain their habits on the road. This show will help you know exactly where to go!

In each destination, Nathan connects with someone locally, someone who wants to eat healthier, and might feel confused or unsure, or maybe even desperate. We then follow Nathan and the local through three parts of the show are: get ideas (from restaurants, shops, etc.), get the food (from farmers markets, grocery stores, etc.), and then make the food (for friends and family).

Fast and processed foods are now available everywhere, and we are all fighting an uphill battle to eat healthy, wherever we go. The Center for Disease Control recently released their 2012 stats on obesity in the US: more than 1/3 of US adults (35%) are obese; 41 states have rates of 25% or more (1 in 4 Americans); and the estimated annual cost of obesity for 2008 was $147 billion. Furthermore, obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer—and these conditions are among the leading causes of preventable death. [Source:]

It’s time to help people find the HEALTHIEST food possible: real food with quality ingredients. Nathan knows it’s out there: he’s been around, found it, and thrived with it!


Nathan is also the author of Nonstop Awesomeness in the Kitchen, a nutritional guide and cookbook celebrating quick and easy to prepare meals using real, whole foods!

These are the important ideas and tasty recipes that have kept Nathan thriving while he travels nonstop. The book promises “simple, delicious meals from a healthy, happy nomad!”

Learn more at


ABOUT NATHAN AGIN: Nathan has been traveling nonstop since 2010 and is in the best shape of his life. He meditates and exercises daily, practices tai chi and yoga, and loves cooking and preparing meals (including green smoothies!). He has no residence and no “home,” with just a small bag on his back, and another one to carry food! You can learn more about him and follow his journey on his blog, Nonstop Awesomeness at, and follow the show at

traveleatthrivepress AT gmail DOT com