Best Coconut Milk [Recipe]

Mexican Minisode, Episode #2:

Best Coconut Milk (Leche de Coco) from Smoothies Mi Buen!


Be sure to visit Isaac and Smoothies Mi Buen the next time you’re in Sayulita!


Here’s the COCONUT MILK we made:

  • Fresh coconut water
  • Fresh coconut meat
  • Honey
  • Ice

Blend until smooth.


Sayulita is a great place to visit in Mexico.

It’s just an hour north of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Ocean. It used to be a quiet fishing village, but has seen lots of growth over the years. There are lots of great choices for food in town, and one of the best greets you right as you enter the town.

I’ve been twice, and I hope to find another reason to get back there soon. Lots of wonderful people, a very relaxed vibe, and the beach!

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